Digestion Problem and Pectus Excavatum [2024]: 4 Tips & More

Written by Mihail Veleski

Last updated on: April 25, 2023

Digestion is the complex process of converting food into nutrients that our body can use for energy, growth, and cell repair. With healthy digestion, our life quality and health will improve.

The digestive tract is a long tube that runs from the mouth to the anus. It forms a line of muscles coordinating food transport and other cells that create enzymes and hormones to aid food digestion.

Digestion is crucial because our body needs nutrients which the digestive system breaks down into tiny pieces that the body can absorb and use.

With proper nutrition and healthy digestion, we can keep an average weight that will benefit our physical appearance. That way, our deformity can become less obvious.

The chest cavity will appear worse with more body weight due to unhealthy digestion and food.

At the same time, another massive benefit of healthy digestion is the normal function of all organs and the heart, which can suffer due to a severe sunken chest deformity.

Such healthy digestion will reduce the chances of any other health problems.

People say pectus excavatum is the reason for digestion problems

Although I could not find a study that confirmed this, the number of people who complain of such problems is high, which may be a sign to show that our deformity can cause digestive issues.

Many people on Reddit have shared their experiences, claiming that only after their Nuss procedure did they notice an improvement in their digestion, which led them to think that pectus was the reason for their gut issues.

All their symptoms, such as swallowing difficulties, acid reflux, a lack of appetite, and burps, were resolved following their operation.

Although they have previously received an incomplete response from their doctors, they are sure that the chest deformity is the cause. I personally haven’t experienced any digestive issues.

Improve the absorption of Nutrients

Even if we eat the best food in the world, consisting of complete nutrition, plenty of protein, and good fats, if we aren't absorbing those nutrients, it wouldn’t be important that we ate healthy in the first place.

To solve this issue, we must understand how to pair foods to complement one another and enhance absorption.

Also, different food can better absorb some supplements when absorbed more readily.

We can find some good examples on the Internet of combining them, but it is best to consult a specialist who can help you with that.

We know that we often face a reduced appetite and difficulties in gaining weight due to the pressure of the deformity. Precisely because of this, it is essential to at least take the nutrition that we need.

However, I always try to remind you that everyone must deal with the deformity in their own specific way.

Although there are many things similar for everyone, everyone's organism is different, so we must observe ourselves and our bodies, and learn what makes us feel better and what causes discomfort in any part of the body.

4 few easy tips to improve digestion

Here are a few simple and helpful suggestions that can immediately assist you if you experience stomach or digestion issues.

I do not often have issues with my digestion, but when I do the following things, it feels a lot better on my stomach, especially after a big meal. These simple tips are available to everyone, regardless of the chest severity.

1. Take a walk

We must regularly practice routines like walking for numerous advantages. However, to see more benefits, we need to do it often. Still doing it even once will undoubtedly instantly relieve certain discomforts.

2. Massage your stomach

Massage the areas of your stomach softly. You are not required to use a specific technique; massage it however feels comfortable to you. A gentle massage can help you relax the area while also stimulating the organs.

3. Yoga

You can benefit from any simple yoga practice if you have digestion issues. There are special types of yoga that can help with digestion.

4. Drink water and tea

I do not drink coffee, but tea is a good substitute. Every morning after breakfast, I drink green tea, and I have noticed that it helps with my energy and digestion.

When I feel stomach discomfort, I drink chamomile or mint tea, which we all know is supposed to ease stomach ache. And drinking plenty of water is something that all of us must do throughout the day.

My tips for better absorption and digestion

Slowly eating is undoubtedly my best advice for increasing absorption. I realized that chewing my food slowly and consciously improved my digestion. Additionally, that way of eating encourages the release of enzymes, which are crucial for digestion.

Planning my meals, which are part of my everyday routine, gives me a feeling of making them an intentional and significant part of my day.

Because of this, I typically eat while seated, paying attention, and avoiding being distracted. When I treat my meals that way, the food will treat me even better, making me stronger and feel healthier.

By practicing intentional longer chewing, I realized my digestion instantly improves and helps me achieve my desired figure.

Along the process of my hunt for a solution to my deformity and nutrition, I've realized that a healthy diet doesn't have to mean expensive food.

I eat at home as often as possible and avoid eating out. When that is the only option, I always attempt to order chicken or a good protein dish.

Preparing food at home has improved my enjoyment of food even more, and as a result, I am more conscious of what I consume. My intestinal health has improved because I'm not basing it on popular foods or advertised healthier substitutes.

I eat what my environment offers while also exploring with food, even though it was not always my thing.

Such a regimen, which I had to force myself to follow at times because I frequently suffer from a lack of appetite, gave me the best physique and health outcomes.

I sometimes try to eat even when I am full to realize my meal plan, which is often part of a bulking procedure, which we with pectus excavatum do often.

Additionally, I discovered that my hunger and desires interfere with my stress levels, which is when I tend to eat impulsively and unintentionally.

Because of this, daily exercise helps to improve my digestion and metabolism and serves as a great outlet for stress and negative energy.

I make a regular effort to be informed about the significance and quality of healthy eating, and I never stop learning new, helpful facts.

Today, we have access to an endless supply of beneficial knowledge thanks to the Internet, and if we use it wisely, it may transform our lives. Because of this, my final tip for enhancing our general health is to learn new things constantly and learn more about healthy and balanced eating.

Only with curiosity, we can know what is good for us. That way we are more open to healthy lifestyle choices.

Bottom Line

Learn about your body and see what is and isn't good for your digestion.

Slow and mindful eating can help with some digestion issues.

A healthy diet encourages regular bowel movements and may guard against various digestive diseases, whether we have a pectus deformity or not.

Exercise is important to increase metabolism speed, and I will always suggest you try that as a solution.

Finally, quitting smoking, consuming alcohol, and eating late at night may help ease symptoms.

Even though there is no medical evidence that pectus affects digestion, people's experience is also very reasonable, so please be careful and pay attention to your gut health.

If your symptoms are severe and very bothersome for a long period, please consult a doctor; it does not always have to be linked to your deformity.

Please share your experience and remedies if you suffer from what you think are digestion issues due to your pectus excavatum deformity.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Thank you for reading.

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