Does Pectus Excavatum Go Away On Its Own? [2023] What to do

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Pectus excavatum can't go away on its own. This answer, unfortunately, can be discouraging.

This deformity often worsens as children grow, and symptoms might sometimes worsen as people get older. But the indentation depth stays mostly the same when a kid has finished growing.

It Can Be Demotivating

Unfortunately, the answer at first may demotivate you or sound terrifying if you're a parent looking for solutions for your child's condition. It is always challenging to find magical answers and words of consolation at the beginning of your pectus experience.

Even if we look on the internet, the question about pectus going away on its own is asked too often, which at least tells us that pectus patients expect that they can improve something and have hope.

Of course, the answer is that the situation can be improved when you take action with great effort and passion!


  • Hard work and commitment to non-surgical treatment.
  • Understanding your deformity and looking for a solution online or in books.
  • Seeking medical advice and treatment.
  • Working on improving your mental health

Misleading Words for Comfort

I've read and heard numerous stories from pectus excavatum patients saying that when they were young, their doctors or physiatrists told them that the deformity would go away or resolve itself as they got older.

Of course, it might be spoken with good intentions, so we are not terrified, panicked, or discouraged.

But it is incorrect. Any false words of comfort can worsen the situation. We can leave the deformity alone and do nothing because we believe it will heal.

But by taking control of the situation from a young age with physical therapy, vacuum bell therapy, bracing, or surgery, not only will the cosmetic appearance of the deformity be corrected, but also you will reduce the chances of any additional lung or health problems.

Also, it is essential for parents to be informed and know that a healthy lifestyle for their kid from the youngest age is the best remedy.

How Long Will It Take For Things to Get Better?

Improving the deformity is a long process and requires daily self-improvement, regardless of whether the treatment is surgical or non-operative. The minimum period for improvement is three months up to 4 years.

After surgery, the Nuss bars will flatten the sunken chest immediately, but you will live with one or more bars underneath your sternum, which will require additional surgery to remove. The complete recovery and the pectus bar removal period require a few years.

The non-surgical path will require more self-discipline and motivation. Even after a few months of following a non-surgical treatment, you will see a significant improvement, but patience and discipline is extremely essential.

Do Your Best

Doing exercises for pectus excavatum three to five times a week, postural correction, and applying a vacuum bell daily would be best. This is important to pull the sunken sternum out. Bracing is essential if you have rib flare in addition to your sunken chest.

However, before beginning any workout program or medical treatment for pectus excavatum, see your doctor or physical therapist to ensure your body is ready for treatment.

Let one of our daily goals be a daily improvement of our pectus excavatum deformity.

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