Loss of Appetite after Nuss Procedure [2024]: Prepare & More

Written by Mihail Veleski

Last updated on: April 25, 2023

After the Nuss surgery, patients often have decreased appetite.

The length of this varies amongst patients. Some people may only experience it in the first 3 to 4 days following surgery, while for others, this may last for up to 2 months post-surgery.

However, I found a common spot in the patient's experiences. They had trouble getting enough information before the procedure, concerning the appetite challenges in the postoperative period.

Lack of Preparation

Many patients complain about their lack of preparation. They will have to live on nothing but ice chips following surgery for several days and be unable to eat actual food.

A 22-year-old man who underwent surgery shares his experience, saying he wishes he had been more aware of the abrupt switch in his diet to ice chips on the first post-op days.

He also says he felt uneasy about being unable to consume food or drink water the first day after Nuss procedure.

Patients with the same appetite problem will agree that when they eat until they are entirely satisfied, they begin to feel unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Due to their incomplete postoperative healing, they frequently experience lethargy and drowsiness while eating.

Some people report that their cravings stopped, while others say they developed specific sensitivities and allergies or shed a few pounds during the first few weeks of recovery.

Ice Chips & Clear Beverages

Everyone would agree they would be more comfortable if they had more information about appetite in the early weeks after the Nuss procedure.

You must know that doctors suggest eating ice chips or drinking clear beverages immediately after surgery. You will progressively introduce solid foods to decrease the chance of nausea or vomiting. You can return to your normal eating once your appetite returns.

Because all patients desire more information, some claim they might have handled the period more readily due to the nutrition difficulties if they had better mental preparation.

This awareness is also crucial for parents with young children. You should know that your support as a parent is significant in those few weeks.

Importance of a healthy diet

A healthy diet is always suggested, but it's especially crucial during the Nuss procedure recovery period. Regular meals and a nutritious diet will undoubtedly help you recover more quickly.

Despite your appetite issues when your body is still weak and recovering, sticking to a balanced diet is essential, even if you must force yourself.

Patients on online forums also share this information, claiming that regular, healthy eating and exercise were crucial to their quick recovery.

Advice for parents

Your kid will get the nutrients needed for healing by consuming various foods. Even if they have a lousy appetite, try to provide all the healthy foods your youngster enjoys.

Some kids' appetite decrease may last two to three weeks following surgery. Feed them only in modest portions while your child's appetite returns.

When to call a doctor

Even though this appetite issue is typical and not particularly severe or too worrying, you must always be aware that it is not entirely normal. For this reason, doctors advise you to call them about any changes, no matter how insignificant.

So, suppose you are going through this, or you are a parent seeing changes in your child's appetite. In that case, getting in touch with a doctor right away is very important to know what to do in the next few days.

Bottom Line

We will only have more information about appetite after Nuss procedure if you share your experience. Please share your experience in the comments or contact me if you're someone who might be going through such a postoperative period right now.

By sharing these experiences with everybody, I hope the next patient can recover more comfortably and efficiently. Thank you for reading!

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