Motivation to Improve Pectus Excavatum [2024]: 7 Tips & More

Written by Mihail Veleski

Last updated on: April 25, 2023

One essential step to a more peaceful and simple life is to accept things with an open heart and mind. If you are unhappy with your reality, accepting it is the first step toward changing it.

That is the mindset of becoming a better individual. Living with a pectus excavatum deformity is difficult, particularly in today's society, when different beauty ideals apply.

If no action is taken, one can sink into depressing thoughts, give in to negativity, and become immobilized by their beliefs. In these circumstances, one becomes demotivated, loses all sense, and believes nothing can be better.

I have experienced this, and I am aware that the majority of people with pectus deformities do as well. But I can guarantee you can overcome it. That is why I love to write this article, to give you hope and share some valuable tips that helped me.

Thoughts and Reality

When you feel helpless, remember that thoughts do not represent reality. In my experience, when thoughts are negative, they follow a pattern identical to all of us. That is why you need to know that the truth is significantly different and much better.

Knowing that life is not a straight line helps us prepare for happy and unhappy events and moments that can give us hope that the next day is another opportunity.

Motivation is essential; these words sound overused today because they sound so popular and commercial. But that is true!

7 helpful tips to Increase Motivation

First, I want you to realize that failures and setbacks are common, but building resilience can help you continue where you left.

  • Writing down your goals and reviewing them at that time is crucial.
  • See if you can accomplish these goals in your desired period.
  • Your plan may need to be divided into smaller, more manageable steps, such as training only 20 min three times a week or even once if you do not feel like it. Just keep doing what gives you energy.
  • Keep in mind the initial motivation or goal you set for yourself.
  • Take inspiration from others and never stop learning.
  • Speak and share your thoughts with your friends or relatives or write every reflection down and let it go.
  • Remember that sometimes all we need to do is pause and restart even better.

Remain motivated 

Motivation is the desire and energy that lead us to fulfill our needs or reach our goals. Finding that drive, even to begin with, might be difficult sometimes.

Understanding what motivation means to you will help you discover your motivational strategies and how to continue whenever you feel down.

6 Ways to remain motivated

  • Set a clear and possible goal for yourself
  • Make a plan for achieving that goal and what you need to do to make it happen, and write down your steps.
  • Set reminders regularly to accomplish each stage. You can use apps to track your to-do list.
  • Use your friends and family as encouragement by sharing your goals with them and asking them to support you in staying inspired. Also, you are less likely to break that announcement when you share something out loud.
  • Optimistic self-talk is crucial for controlling melancholy and anxiety.
  • Being mindful helps you remain calm and focused. Use meditation or yoga to settle yourself before making new decisions and starting a new journey.

Remain motivated to fix your pectus excavatum successfully

The purpose of your action is what motivates you. Your goal may be to improve your chest indentation. However, discipline brings focus to steps toward our goal and keeps us on track.

I found that discipline is a quality that keeps me going and has the most effect on my life.

That is why discipline is essential in improving the pectus excavatum deformity. The journey is rough, and stumbling obstacles are possible, but there is discipline as a form of a ruthless guide that does not allow us to fail.

I say discipline is doing the things you should, whether you feel like it or not.

Apply discipline to work out even one minute longer or go farther in your health journey. Commit to eating healthy, frequently exercising, getting enough sleep, and applying the vacuum bell daily, even though your mind sometimes tells you the opposite.

Discipline can help you keep going toward your pectus-fixing goal, help you focus on what's important, and keep you away from distractions.

Work on your self-awareness

One big problem can be procrastination. I sometimes find myself in that position, and I know that we very often cannot fight against it, but the very moment you become aware of it, stop it even with the slightest activity.

When creating a new lifestyle and new habits to help you treat your deformity, but you are still at the very beginning, you may find yourself reading and scrolling through someone's fitness blog much more than doing real things for yourself.

I know that cutting ourselves off from technology is challenging, sometimes even impossible, but there are numerous reasons why we need to do it. We need to limit the amount of time we spend online.

If necessary, use a restricting app such as Cold Turkey to specific social media that you use the most, and then push yourself to get up and do something you know will help you. Don't let the Internet draw you into its trap.

The Internet is an endlessly helpful place if used correctly. Someone's successful pectus story can also be yours with discipline and determination.

Bottom Line

It may sound unpleasant, but know that the final step toward motivation and discipline is when you have had enough of your current way of life and bad habits.

The essential time to begin a new lifestyle is when you are overwhelmed with old habits. Nothing can influence you as much as your own will.

Fight against unhealthy habits and mindsets, and most importantly, have faith in your ability to surpass any restricting mindset. By working on yourself and creating healthy habits, you can improve your deformity and be satisfied with your life.

I hope you find this blog post helpful. Thank you for your reading!

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