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Internet forums are usually our first destination, to learn more about people’s experiences with the pectus excavatum deformity.

Also, a lot of people ask fellow members on the forums to rate their pectus severity. If you want to ask for an opinion, please be aware of how the feedback may affect you!

People put a picture of their chest on online forums and ask for the opinion of others.

I am not against this method of seeking the necessary information, but if your chest is almost flat, I saw a lot of patients with a very severe form of deformity take it offensively.

Stay Calm

I believe it is crucial for patients who have a mild pectus dent to be calm and avoid exposing themselves to everyone else's opinions.

It can frequently happen that you hear something that is not quite accurate and will upset you, even though your condition isn’t severe at all.

Sometimes, those with a milder form of pectus may share a picture and seek feedback, only to be met with laughter and dismissal, because there are other more severe cases.

Because of that, it is always good to be aware of your condition and research more before asking for an opinion publicly.

I do not doubt our pectus community and their sincerity at all. But, I believe that exposing yourself to the public evaluation of your physical appearance can meet a variety of reactions and affect you in many ways.

For someone, your condition may seem non-existent and funny, and for others, it will seem terrible. That's why it's crucial to be ready and expect everything.

Online forums are a helpful and safe place

Websites and forums can be helpful mediums for people with pectus excavatum to ask questions and receive satisfactory responses.

I began my pectus experience by internet browsing by typing “why do I have a hole in my chest” on Google. I didn’t know there is a deformity called pectus excavatum that I had.

Online discussions are here to help us and improve our pectus knowledge, which is a great benefit, but we need to be ready to hear everything.

2016 Study

There is a study from 2016 that showed positive outcomes regarding the accuracy of health information obtained in discussion forums.

The study says that most of the information on online forums is of good quality and only occasionally contains wildly wrong information.

However, some researchers still believe that the internet can influence someone to take actions that might endanger their health.

So, if you are thinking about posting your picture on a forum and hearing the opinion of others, feel free to do so, but keep in mind that some comments can be harmful to your mental health.

Although doctors and patients use forums, that does not mean online discussion can replace face-to-face meetings with your doctor.

Get professional help and get evaluated by a doctor

Your doctor can provide you with the most accurate evaluation of your chest dent. Your doctor can also give you instructions on what to do next.

Of course, if your condition is mild and you have no other health issues, you can try to improve your sunken chest non-surgically.

But, if you experience physical and psychological problems caused by the deformity, do not let the internet decide about your health and chest shape; instead, visit a doctor.

Bottom Line

Topics like “Rate my pectus” are discussed and answered on online forums.

In our pectus community, the level of severity and how deep the indentation is, are probably the most frequently asked question.

The responses range from the most positive to the most humorous, and they can affect everyone differently.

Because pectus can be a sensitive issue for many and can truly affect someone's life, I believe it is critical to consult a doctor in addition to your browsing. Doctors can determine the severity of the deformity.

My journey began with an internet search, and after reading the helpful posts, I decided to see an expert and ask all my questions.

So, I always advocate visiting a doctor about any changes or health concerns connected to pectus excavatum.

If you have any negative online forum experiences, please share them with us. Also, if you know of any other secure and helpful websites and forums that our pectus community might use, please let us know about them.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this blog post was helpful.

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