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Last updated on: April 25, 2023

As of January 2023, the vacuum bell price starts from around $400. Depending on your location and doctor's appointment costs, additional shipping and VAT costs may exist.

This article will list all vacuum bell manufacturers' prices and shipping costs.

Eckart Klobe Vacuum Bell Price

The Eckart Klobe's vacuum bell is priced at 615.15 Euros, with a 2% discount for fast payment. 

Depending on where you live, you will also need to pay for the shipping costs and customs fees.

Plus, you will pay for the doctor's appointment, depending on where you live. That can further increase the total cost of Eckart Klobe's vacuum bell. 

To estimate the cost of the vacuum bell and the shipping costs, you will need to e-mail Unfortunately, Mr. Eckart Klobe's website is outdated by today's standards and seems to be down as of January 2023.

However, health insurance pays for the doctor's visit if you live in Germany.

Pectus Healing Vacuum Bell Price

As of January 2023, the cost of the Pectus Healing vacuum bells is as follows:

  • 11 cm Vacuum Bell - $425
  • 12.5 cm Vacuum Bell - $425
  • 14 cm Vacuum Bell - $450
  • 16 cm Vacuum Bell - $450
  • 19 x 18 cm Vacuum Bell - $485
  • 22 x 21 cm Vacuum Bell - $495
  • 25 cm Vacuum Bell - $585 
  • 26 x 21 cm Vacuum Bell - $635
  • Custom Vacuum Bell - $1200

Women's Pectus Healing Vacuum Bell Prices:

  • 16 x 20 cm Vacuum Bell - $495
  • 16 x 18 cm Vacuum Bell - Currently Sold Out
  • 18 x 20.5 cm Vacuum Bell - Currently Sold Out

Free and Fast Shipping Worldwide

You don't have to pay extra money in addition to the product's cost.

PectusHealing offers free shipping worldwide with DHL Express, with a tracking number included so you can track your package. 

Fortunately, those vacuum bells are built upon Eckart Klobe's principles, so you pay less for similar quality.

Pectus Lab Vacuum Bell Price

The cost of the Pectus Lab's Gpad Vacuum Bell is €540. 

I contacted them personally via the Live Chat on their website, and they said the shipping cost to the United States would be $80 - $100 with DHL Shipping from Turkey. 

They offer five different models:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Female small
  • Female large

They also build custom vacuum bells.​

If you want to purchase, you can send them an e-mail at, and their representative will reach you with the necessary information and sizing

Also, you can call them on the:

+90 541 427 52 52

+90 541 171 52 52

Alibaba Vacuum Bell Prices

The Guangzhou T.k Medical Instrument Co. vacuum bells for sale on are priced at $120 - $350 for a set.

However, ten vacuum bells are the minimum order. You can't purchase a single vacuum bell for this price. You must buy 10. A few years ago, buying one single vacuum bell was possible for the above price.

The shipping costs from China can be high too.

Swedish Vacuum Bell Price

The famous Swedish Vacuum bell website sold these exact vacuum bells for $225, plus shipping.

This website doesn't exist anymore. They probably bought them in bulk at a lower price and resold them for a higher price.

Vacuum Bells Can Be Costly

The vacuum bell treatment isn't affordable to all patients. That's primarily because of its high cost.

That said, in the US and most European countries, the vacuum bell needs to be purchased by patients or the patient's parents. It is not covered by health insurance.

Insurance Coverage

United States

The same goes for nearly all countries in the world. In the United States, it is still considered an experimental treatment. Because of the short history of practice in the US, it is not covered by insurance.


An FSU College of Medicine professor, Marshall Kapp, said the vacuum bell device is currently in the gray area, also known as the "innovative phase."

It's evidently past the research stage since it's been approved by the FDA. Nevertheless, it is not yet considered standard care to be covered entirely by insurance.


In almost all European countries, the vacuum bell isn't covered by insurance, and the patient has to purchase the vacuum bell by himself.

South America

In some countries in South America, the VB's accusation is covered by the different national health care systems or the local insurance.

Why Vacuum Bell Isn't Widespread

Honestly, I think the high cost is why vacuum bell therapy for correcting pectus excavatum isn't widespread among patients. Also, ordering the suction bell from Germany can be discouraging.

If you live in the United States or Australia, Eckart Klobe's vacuum bell's shipping costs can be too high. On top of that, the delivery time can be very long. 

Worth the Investment

If you're suffering from pectus excavatum, investing in a vacuum bell is probably one of the smartest investments you can make for your well-being. A lot of people think vacuum bells are overpriced.

In my opinion, that's the biggest reason they don't make a purchase, even though there is a lot of scientific evidence proving this non-surgical method's effectiveness. I was a victim of this mentality too.

Change Your Mindset About the Vacuum Bell Price

Take a look at the collection of overpriced sneakers you got. Look at the expensive car you're driving, the clothes, jewelry, and makeup.

I guarantee you won't hesitate to buy a new pair of shoes priced above $100 or the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max that costs $1200, three times as much as the vacuum bell.

Surprisingly, investing in a device that will help you improve the unattractive chest deformity without painful surgery is expensive, while purchasing items that depreciate quickly isn't.

You Can Always Sell the Vacuum Bell

After repairing your funnel chest, you can always sell the vacuum bell. It is a durable product that can't be easily damaged. The resell value will remain high because there is a lot of demand.

Researchers Spent a Lot of Time and Money

As you may already know, the pectus excavatum condition isn't only cosmetic. Science proved that it could harm your health. The dent may get deeper if left untreated, making the deformity much more severe. The deformation is proven to lower the life expectancy of a sufferer.

Scientists spent a lot of money and time developing a functional vacuum bell to repair our pectus excavatum and change our lives.

Bottom Line

Depending on your budget, you must decide which vacuum bell you want to purchase. In my mind, investing $400 in this device will be a fantastic decision for your health.

Comparatively, the pectus excavatum surgery costs thousands of dollars. On top of that, you'll live with two titanium bars below your sternum for three years.

That is a painful procedure that requires a lot of pain medications. You'll also need to avoid contact sports because of the high chance of bar dislocation. It isn't surprising that vacuum bell therapy for pectus excavatum is becoming more popular than the surgical procedure.

The best part is that the effectiveness of this therapy is backed by science.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please get in touch with me or comment below.

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