Smoking Marijuana with Pectus Excavatum [2024]: Why I Quit

Written by Mihail Veleski

Last updated on: April 25, 2023

Plenty of people with pectus excavatum consume marijuana daily. I finally decided to write and share my thoughts about this topic, hoping it will help you with any dilemmas.

It might be a controversial topic for many people. Nevertheless, in my opinion, by sharing information and talking about it openly, we will break the taboo.


Today, marijuana usage is common among the younger population with pectus excavatum deformity. There is constant debate worldwide about the effects of everyday or frequent use of weed. Some countries have legalized it, but most of the world still doesn't allow its legal use.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, marijuana is the most-used psychotropic drug in the United States. Everyone has a different reason for using it. Some use it for fun and feel amazing, while others have a terrible experience.


You can also use it for calming down and treating insomnia. Others prefer using weed over alcohol, and it seems it's working. Knowing all these things, somebody suffering from pectus excavatum is often in a dilemma and has many questions about weed smoking.


Marijuana is used a lot in the medical treatment of patients and for therapeutic purposes. Because it is still illegal in most countries worldwide, people have many mysteries about it, especially since science shows plenty of benefits of consuming it. How and does it affects your pectus excavatum is a common question.


I have some experience smoking marijuana as a person with pectus excavatum deformity. First, I will speak from my experience, as that's the most accurate perspective I can share with you.

Considering all of the breathing difficulties and anxiety that pectus excavatum gave me, I felt very anxious while I was smoking and socializing with others at the same time.

That usually didn't happen while smoking and being by myself, with my thoughts, and listening to music.


I had an unpleasant experience that even led to a panic attack. I felt shortness of breath that was probably worsened by my deformity. Because of that, I decided to quit smoking for good. In my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros.

If you have pectus excavatum, I recommend you stop or reduce smoking as much as possible. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide. Feel free to continue if you feel wonderful and have a good time smoking marijuana.


Nowadays, I am a huge fan of mulled red wine, especially when I wind down after a hard day. It suits my character better, and I feel much more relaxed than consuming marijuana.

Always stand on the healthiest and cleanest side of your life as possible! While studies are still searching for the best answer to this question, I will share some of the most usual people's experiences!


Most smokers with pectus excavatum say they are experiencing faster heartbeats. First of all, it is very logical because of the usual effect of marijuana, giving us sometimes irrational thoughts.

Because of the hole in our chest, we feel the heartbeat much more intensely than people with regular chests. That is the reason for the frequent tachycardia of smokers. These happenings can leave us with traumas, so please avoid that kind of inconvenience.


Coughing and choking are the second most typical outcomes of smoking. Pectus excavatum suffers very often experiences shortness of breath and irregular breathing.

And not only cigarette smokers but also marijuana smokers, long time, can lead to pneumonia and other lung problems. Do not bring yourself to these situations! In case you can't quit smoking, please do it reasonably.


If any of that happens to you, always do conscious breathing exercises to calm yourself. That is a quick and proven way to ease breathing struggles. But if these exercises do not work for you and you still experience coughing, please see a doctor.

A long-term cough may irritate and cause pain. (If you have done any surgery, avoid smoking for two to three weeks after the operation. Any lung irritation from smoking may increase pain in your chest.)


A panic attack is one of the worst things that may happen to you if you're under the influence of cannabis. The feeling of uncontrolled fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, and confusion is familiar.

These symptoms might even manifest physically. I suggest you choose with whom you consume weed. If you're comfortable, this may not even happen at all. Choose a good friend or someone that can help you in these moments.


Using weed can help you boost your self-esteem. Usually, people with pectus excavatum have low confidence in showing their bodies.

Cannabis oil is used for pain and anxiety relief, and there is a long list of other medical treatments. Caffeine, in whatever form, impacts our bodies, which we can feel immediately.

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