How to Join Police Academy with Pectus Excavatum [2023] Tips

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Many people with pectus who want to enroll in the police academy seek advice on whether the academy would accept them because of the chest malformation.

However, there is no concrete answer.

Everyone’s position and deformity severity are different, and because of that, there isn’t a general answer. It also varies from one place to another.

However, it is very unfortunate when someone can't achieve their ambitions to join the police academy because of pectus excavatum. The deformity can be a huge life obstacle if it is not improved.

That is why it's essential for people with the desire of joining the police academy to not lose hope and constantly work on themselves while trying to join it.

Standards can vary between countries. Some academies evaluate each person separately and based on their qualities.

According to the guidelines, some medical disorders can be less compatible with being a police officer. That only is a guide, and each case should be examined separately and evaluated on its strengths.

Only extremely brief explanations, which need to be more comprehensive, can be found on some of the police academies' websites.

Some of them claim that the roles played by the officials might be complex and physically challenging and that only physically strong and healthy can join them.

How increase your Police Academy Enrolling chances

Something typical to almost all academies is the medical examination and test you must do. Regardless of if you have a sunken chest or not, you must always work on your physical shape.

What may concern any pectus patient who wants to become a police officer is the fitness level of their body and lung capacity test.

Depending on your condition, the test results may vary.

Lung capacity is something that you must have, which means that you will have to start practicing exercises that improve lung capacity much earlier, to improve the condition.

Many exercises can be helpful for that. One of the most accessible to everyone is blowing balloons. Also, yoga can greatly help too.

For total body fitness, weight training is critical. That way, you will not only mask the deformity, but you’ll also build a completely healthy body.

For a decision to join this profession, you need a lot of physical wellness, and you should be aware of that much earlier.

Other Factors

Another part of the medical test that may be a problem for a pectus patient is the height, weight, and BMI test.

Many young men and women with pectus excavatum face the problem of not being able to gain weight and put on enough muscle mass.

It is a solvable problem and should not become an obstacle you cannot overcome. I am one of the many examples who overcame that problem. You can put on muscle mass and gain weight with proper, regular workouts, eating routines, and lifting weights.

Of course, it takes time, but it is possible; you must be motivated and believe in yourself throughout the transformation process.

Some further tests besides the one related to the pectus ones are:

  • Vision
  • Blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Urinalysis
  • Drug Tests
  • Alcohol Breath Test


Pectus excavatum is commonly associated with low self-esteem and motivation. You don't need that if you want to be an officer. You must recognize your body and mindset flaws and work on them from as early as possible.

Adopt habits that improve your mind, such as daily visualization exercises, and imagine how you will respond in different scenarios in a calm, disciplined manner to be mentally prepared for the police academy.

And yet, the severity of the malformation might sometimes be complex for enrolling in the academy. But most of the time, the mindset is what is stopping a lot of people.


Even if you do not become a police officer after all your preparations, remember that there are always other professions that can serve humanity and do not require physical fitness.

So, you could search for other professions comparable to a police officer, but still not depend on your body condition.

Finally, despite your level of physical fitness, I strongly advise you to visit a doctor about whether your health condition allows you to be in such a work position.

Bottom Line

Due to the limited information about this profession and our deformity, I would like to ask if you have had experience with the police academy to share your details so we can help someone who needs more information.

Finally, if you are sure about your choice of profession, prepare much earlier, and ask more people about their experience.

Learn the rules and requirements of the police academy you plan to join.

Then, work on your mental and physical fitness. Certainly, don't let your deformity be an obstacle.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Thank you for reading.

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